12 ga. Survival Loader PLUS Kit - free shipping to a USA address

                                  Survival Loader - 12 ga.  PLUS


  For uncertain times when extra rounds could make a difference.

           Intended for reloading emergency/survival ammunition.


We exclusively use MEC brand or Hornady brand Crimp Starters

      Selection depends on which brand is available at time of mfg.

                          Both provide superior crimps par none.


                  Either; MEC or Hornady 8-pt & 6-pt Crimp Starters    

                               Powder-Shot Vial pack (4 vials)


No reloading press needed:  the reloader you can take anywhere.

Easy to use

Provides the ability to reload 20 shells in 30 minutes or less.

Load Anywhere – Anytime:  at the range, camp site, in front of the TV

Reload:  2- 3/4“ &  3"  fired Star Crimp shells  (not for all Brass case)

Resize or Non-resize:  your choice with the dual end Steel Size Die  

MEC or Hornady 8 pt & 6 pt Crimp Starter: recrimp Star Crimps.

*Swage Tool: reduce case mouth bulge for smooth chambering

*Roll Crimps:  This kit has the ability to reload Roll Crimp cases with the use of a "Roll Crimp tool".

(Roll Crimp tool is Not included) 

They are a common item and modestly priced elsewhere online.


Ideal for the casual Reloader & Preppers

No power tools required.

No need for a work bench. 

Portable – Ultra-compact. 

Keep it in your "bug-out" bag.  

Throw it in your pocket or back pack.


Major components CNC machined for quality and precision.  

( aluminum base has a "brushed matte" finish )


A comprehensive color instruction sheet included.


                                      Made in the USA

Free shipping to addresses in the United States of America (includes Hawaii & Alaska)

Ships within 3 business days with tracking.  (m-f excludes holidays)


International customers; 

Please send email to obtain shipping charges, customs information/requirements.  Shipping varies by country.  

Information will be provided for an International purchase.

12 ga. Survival Loader PLUS Kit - free shipping to a USA address

  • Limited Warranty: Covers defects in materials or in workmanship for 30 days from date of receipt of delivery. The sole remedy shall be replacement of the defective component or refund at the sole discretion of The X Ring USA llc

    No other Warranty is expressed or implied.

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